My workflow

I love working in clear and neat fashion, rather than in chaos. This ensures my services are of great quality and leaves the client satisfied. These are the steps I usually take in my design and (or) development process:


Learning & Research

Very first step in web design and development is always to learn client's needs and expectations. While a brief interview usually is the most helpful, some additional research on related industry also adds valuable knowledge.


Budget & Deadlines

Just before signing a contract of services, client and I discuss the price and deadlines. These two are mostly dependent on project's size and difficulty. Note that at least 30% of the price is required to be paid in advance.


Designing & Developing

Once the contract is signed and the advance payment is made, I start working on the project. My favorite web design tool is Adobe XD, which is still quite new in the industry, but super efficient and powerful; but could also work with Adobe Photoshop CC, if required. The coding part is a bit more complex: ensuring the website responds to different screen sizes, testing for bugs, adding support for old browsers, etc. I prefer to code websites from scratch using HTML, CSS and Javascript, also Wordpress if necessary.


Getting your feedback

At least once a week the client is updated about progress of the project and gets a chance to provide feedback. Then, the project keeps getting polished until perfection.


Handing over files

After the final deadline, the client makes final payment and I hand over all production files. The website is uploaded on a server of client's choosing or my recommendation.